Superimaginator : How To Play

Play online

a Color Puzzle Game
Move de tiles from de upper grid to the lower grid to create a logical and harmonious color pattern.

Play on your phone
Play on your Androïd phone

The game is based on our perception of colors, which is subjective, and the possibility of ordering colors according to criteria that are themselves unbiased using the decomposition of colors according to 3 properties :

  • hue (the coloration)
  • saturation (the intensity of the coloration)
  • brightness (from dark to bright)

Two colors are even closer than their properties are close


The game is a confrontation between our perception of colors and their physical properties.

How to play

1. Click a tile on the upper grid :

2. Click on the lower grid where you want to place the tile :

3. Repeat until you fill correctly all the lower grid...

About the menu

Button Previous : go to previous level.
Current level (for example : Pack A, Level 33).
Button Next : go to next level.
Current score (count the moves), lower is better.
Your best score if any.
A star is display if you did the lowest possible score.
Button Helpers : Displays and locks the tiles positioned at the right place.
Button Restart : restarts the current level and clears the best score.
[Only on the web site]
Button 3D Helper : Displays the 3D representation of the current level based on the RGB system color. The tiles locked (so at the right place) are represented by small cubes. The others tiles are represented by big cubes no matter they are at the right place or not.
The complete soluce is represented by segments.
Button Pack : Select a level in a pack.
The levels done are tagged by a check or a star. Use the and buttons to change pack. Use the button to reset the entire pack, this will reload all the helpers.